If you have subscribed to my RSS feed, you may have noticed that articles were showing up multiple times in your feed reader. (If you haven't subscribed, do so now!)

Adobe Firefly's imagination of an abstract mess

As I explained in my last post, I built this feed (RSS is really just an XML file) myself using 11ty. In an RSS feed each element should have a unique ID. So I implemented a little JS function (a shortcode in 11ty) to generate a uuid and put it there. I forgot that every time I rebuild my site in 11ty, this will generate a new ID. So if your RSS reader application refreshed the feed between several times I published it, there was a new entry for the same article. At least NetNewsWire adds it each time, that's how I noticed.

I changed the way the ID is generated. So everything should be fine from now on. I hope this hasn't caused you to unsubscribe, as you would probably forget about my blog, as I don't see myself posting much more frequently in the future. I really want to, but I am trying to be realistic.