Frank Fuchs - A Designer who loves to code


A picture of me

My name is Frank Fuchs (Fuchs is German for fox). I'm a user experience designer, user interface/frontend designer and developer. I'm also a half-bionic* rock climber, an overly loving father and a caring husband living in Nuremberg, Germany.

This site is to share my endless love and fascination for all things interactive and beyond.

* Due to a climbing accident in 2003 I've got a lot of metal and ceramics in my skeleton. This site isn't meant for private chitchat, but this accident and my family have such a huge impact on my life that it also influences my professional me.


When I was young I wanted to become an architect. But as things often don't go as planned, I soon found my love for web design, or what I think is more appropriate, web architecture.

Graphics and programming and (at that time mostly Flash-based) web design became a job while I was still studying civil engineering in 1998. And I founded my first company in 2000, together with a former client.

Being self-employed all the time, I developed software, designed websites and much more. Alone and in small teams. And all the time I was doing what I love most. Creating beautiful things that have a purpose and work really well.