I'm not really a fan of Tailwind. In fact, sometimes I dislike it passionately. At the end of the day, it's just inline styles and that was always a bad idea. Our framework-centric way of doing web development has led to too many people thinking that global styles are a bad thing. I kind of get it. It really does take convention and discipline to know where your style declarations end up, but the (messy) alternative is to repeat yourself over and over again, or to have utility classes that are essentially inline styling, and by mixing markup and styling make it impossible to effectively restyle anything later.
So now I also ended up in a rant when I just wanted to send you over to read that much more elaborate article.

Via: https://mastodon.social/@bastianallgeier, who wrote a much less complaining article to counterbalance the rant he shared.
The article also inspired Heydon Pickering to write a great satirical Peace on Utility Classes.