Germany finally wakes up, and makes a stand against fascism

The beginning of the year brought an investigative report by about a conference of high-ranking AFD members, people from the CDU Werteunion, some Identitarians and other far-right participants.
One of the main topics was the deportation of virtually all people with a migration background, as soon as they would gain power.
This finally brought the outcry that I had hoped for so long in view of the increasing autocratic, often even fascist tendencies in Germany and ultimately the whole world.
The most satisfying result of this were demonstrations in virtually all German cities with a total of several hundred thousand participants. At least for the protests in Nuremberg I attended, I can say with satisfaction that the entire cross-section of society was represented and everyone made it clear how much we reject fascism and racism and how we will not allow our democratic freedoms to be taken away.