Back in the last decade I've been an avid Quicksilver user. But over the years it became slow and buggy especially when Blacktree dropped support and open sourced it. When OsX Snow Leopard came, Quicksilver was not longer supported and I had to look for alternatives.
Luckily Alfred came around! With the Powerpack it brought back clipboard history and a extension feature that fitted perfectly in my Quicksilver spoiled workflows. And also the developers seem to be really behind their product. Alfred 2 was released just a few days ago.

Out of nostalgia I was still quite amazed when I heard of the just released Quicksilver 1.0 today (it has always been beta back in the days).
I didn't wait to install it and planned on giving it a try for a few days. So I removed Alfred from my autostart objects and started to customize Quicksilver out of it's plug-in library.

But then the clipboard plugin didn't work properly. I eventually managed to fix it, but it took me about nearly half an hour. So just as it worked, I remembered my Quicktime usage in the past and immediately thought: "why should i waste my time, constantly tuning my workflows and fixing the tuning tool itself, when there still is Alfred which works like a charm and never let me down?"

So, without a hesitation I switched everything back to normal and was relieved to see Alfred still butlering me in every way I'm used to.

I maybe will give Quicksilver a try again in the future, because I can imagine that being out of beta gives a huge boost to plug-in developers and the community in the whole. But right now it's a great tool for people that like to tinker with it and don't want to spend money for Alfred Powerpack (18 €) while Quicksilver can theoretically bring all it's features for free, but it doesn't fit into my schedule anymore.