Too little is happening here. That's probably because my expectations are too high. I've got a few articles that I've started, but it still takes (too) much effort to finish them. So I'm going to start with a very simple format.

I will try to take all the links I have bookmarked or boosted on Mastodon and post them here at the end of each month. Basically, these will be links on topics related to (UX) design and web technologies. However, there will be some "off-topic" content as well.

Patterns day

This is not really something I bookmarked, but a topic Jeremy Keith mentioned on border:none last month.

It's an event he is hosting next March in Brighton and it's a day focused on design systems, pattern libraries, style guides and components.

I would really love to join. Brighton is not really around the corner from my place. But perhaps I still manage to attend.

The whimsical web

I could assume you already know this site. But I didn't (or forgot) and maybe you don't, too.

It's a fun project of Max Böck that is best described by himself:

So this site is meant to showcase how a more personal web could look like, and hopefully give you some inspiration to make your own corner of the web a bit weirder.

Browsing the whimsical web felt a lot like StumbleUpon back in the day, for me.

CSS nesting is here

With CSS variables, there is not too much reason for preprocessors like LESS, SCSS etc. besides it's ability to write you CSS in a nested way. I totally missed, that it's possible natively now. But it is, and obviously it's supported in all major browsers now.

Reality Check

Set Studio set out to rebuild Dribble (and other) layouts using proper modern web techniques.

And they don't just show you the result, they show you the process.

Privacy is Priceless, but Signal is Expensive

Signal's executives explain in detail why they estimate Signal's operating costs for 2025 at $50 million per year.

The 100 greatest BBC music performances

In this list you'll probably find a lot of performances that are clearly not your cup of tea (is that a correct British phrase? It's the BBC, after all). But I'm absolutely confident that you'll also find many of your favourite performers.

However, there is a really high chance that this list is a dangerous opportunity to waste an incredible amount of time.

Thank you for reading this far! I'm really hoping that this format will allow me to post at least once a month. And with a bit of luck, it'll allow me to put a bit more of my thoughts into the blog, and I'll end up creating more content here.