My name is Frank Fuchs (Fuchs is german for fox). Since 1998 I’ve been designing and developing websites, software and do logo design. I’m also a half bionic* rock climber, an overly attached father and a caring husband, living in Nuremberg (Nürnberg), Germany. .

This place is for sharing my endless love and fascination for everything interactive and beyond.
Therefore you can find some articles and soon™ a peak into my projects.

The links below lead you to other places on the web, where you can find me.
The blog on this site here is mixed, german and english, my professional site and my private sites are in german. On the several social networks, I mostly post in english with occasional german here and there.

* Because of a rock climbing accident in 2003 I’ve got lots of metal and ceramics in my skeleton (I still do rock climbing). This site isn’t meant for private chit chat, but that accident and my family have such a huge impact on my life, so that it also influences my professional me.


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